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Our Story

The Five Characteristics of Our Dogs

We are a North Carolina based family that has a love for animals and pups.  We are specialized breeders of Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, and German Wire-haired Pointers.  We love being able to offer to our customers a healthy and easily trainable companion for a lifetime of love and devotion. It is our delight when our customers come back the second and third time to purchase one of our Cottonville Road puppies.  

Cottonville Road was started baby Mike Greene, son of Billy Greene who he credits as a major inspiration and influence to the business. The impact made by his father is passed down the beagles and Mike's sons. 

"Dad has gone now to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom I give all honor and glory for everything. And though I can't call my dad anymore and ask him the hard questions, his influence on me over the years is being pass on to not only my beagles, but also my boys as well." -Mike Greene, The American Beagler (2017).

The dogs chosen to build the foundation of Cottonville Road were two real rabbit dogs, Wendy and Katie. These dogs began investigation into registered bloodlines that would produce dogs with the same abilities as Wendy and Katie, leading to Tonto, the first Branko dog to be introduced into the kennel. The dogs were fast, clean, smart and had a good hunt - These abilities are the standard for Cottonville Road. Mike researched more about the Brankos bloodline and found Branko's Ali-Baba and Branko's Hurricane Whipas. After finding the dogs, It's Bo Time, Maggie and No Mercy Percy, the scope of the kennel was forever changed. 

"Each of these three dogs became Hunting Beagle Champions at a very young age and have wins on them now toward their Grand Hunting Beagle Champion position in the UKC. These dogs were selected based solely on their ability to run a rabbit when they were pups." -Mike Greene, The American Beagler (2017). 

"I do consider myself very blessed to own Whip. He produces some very nice pups that start quick and never stop. As of right now he is ranked third in UKC's top reproducing sires, and ninth all time reproducer. Whip is 11 years old now and is still producing champions and is still an all-around great rabbit dog." -Mike Greene, The American Beagler (2017).



Brains: A dog with no brains cannot be trained.

Handle: A dog that doesn't handle can't be trained properly.

Hunt: I demand that a dog hunt. This doesn't mean run around until they happened to cross a rabbit track. It means that they are in constant search of a rabbit no matter the the conditions or cover.

Track Control: I don't expect my dogs to always run with the track between their legs, but I do demand that they are constantly aware as to where the track is and keep it going at all costs.

Speed: I want the dogs to run the rabbit as fast as the scenting will allow them to. If that's 10 mph on a Garmin or 2 mph, it makes no difference to me as long as they keep it going. 

"I would say that my dog's greatest strengths are their brains and hunt. Knowing when to slow down and work a track according to the scenting conditions means a lot. When the time is right and the scenting allows I love the fact that they can rip out of a thicket and I make a rabbit get up high on his toes and run. This helps account for every rabbit that we run." -Mike Greene, The American Beagler (2017).

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